The chukar was imported to the US in the 1930's from the Himalayas in Nepal and finds its US base in the Rocky Mountains. A member of the partridge family, the chukkar is a larger, meatier bird than the quail. Our chukkars are raised on well-equipped farms, under a carefully controlled environment. They are specially conditioned to be good flyers and challenging sporting targets. Good eating.

Upland Game Season: October 1 -March 31

30item1378$14.50 each (5 minimum)
(Harvest all you can. You will only be charged for the birds released.)
Cleaning: $1.45 Per Bird
Non-Resident Preserve Bird Hunting License Available - $12.00
Shells: $10.00

30item1379GUIDE FEES:
1/2 DAY @ $115.00
FULL DAY @ $195.00
For top performance, our professional guide services are recommended while hunting with our dogs +$50.00.
For the Purchase of 125 or more quail - 1 free pheasant / 200 or more quail - 2 free pheasants