Bobwhite Quail, is the specialty at Moree's. These plump little birds have the most widespread range of any quail species, with over 20 subspecies ranging from Canada to southern Mexico. It is a game bird whose quick noisy rise from the brush and swift departure offer the best in wing shooting. It is a small bird weighing 5 to 7 ounces. Although quail may create a false impression because oftheir many short, fast flights when flushed, their normal range is one-fourth of a mile, which makes them exciting targets.

Upland Game Season: October 1 -March 31

100+ Quail @ $9.25
50-99 Quail @ $9.50
25-49 Quail @ $9.95 (Minimum quail 25 birds)
Cleaning: $1.10 per bird
Non-Resident Preserve Bird Hunting License Available - $12.00
Shells: $10.00

1/2 DAY @ $115.00
FULL DAY @ $195.00
For top performance, our professional guide services are recommended while hunting with our dogs.
Use of dogs: $35.00